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La Grèce continentale et la Morée. Voyage, séjour et études historiques en 1840 et 1841

BUCHON Jean-Alexandre

Paris Charles Gosselin 1843 in-12 demi-basane, dos lisse orné en long, tranches mouchetées [Rel. de l'époque], coiffes frottées, rousseurs

VII et 568 pp.Blackmer 230. Atabey 162. Édition originale de cet ouvrage important de l'historien Jean-Alexandre Buchon (1791-1846): "Buchon was the first to re-introduce the study of medieval Greece to French historiography after a gap of two hundred years. Following Du Cange's many publications in the 17th c. there was a complete lack of interest in this field, which was stimulated at last by the rise of nationalism in the 19th century. Buchon had published French chronicles of the crusades beginning as early as 1825 but it was not until 1840 that he was able to travel in Italy and Greece, searching archives for manuscript material which contributed to the studies he published in the 1840's"

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